• Verify the accuracy of the vehicle description and the vehicle owner's statements.
  • Provide support during negotiations with the vehicle owner or for estimating vehicle repair costs.
  • Follow up with the vehicle owner regarding any new concerns raised by the inspection (request additional clarification, photos, or video).
  • Get a better idea of valuation when combined with further research to make a more informed decision

Note: This D-Town Rods & Classics Inspection Report should not be considered a replacement for proper due diligence in evaluating a vehicle for purchase. As the vehicle buyer, it is your responsibility to determine whether the vehicle's condition and status are in accordance with the terms of purchase.

Car Locator Service

What We Do

D-Town Rods & Classics pledges to assist clients interested in purchasing a Classic car. If they cannot make the trip to look at or inspect the automobile for themselves, D-Town Rods & Classics will make an appointment with the seller, to inspect the automobile, and provide a report for a fee. D-Town Rods & Classics will give an honest report of the findings, and certify the condition of the automobile for potential buyers.

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