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​​D-Town Rods & Classics will find the specific car you have in mind, we’ll inspect it, and report our findings.

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Car Locator Service

"D-Town wants to be sure you make a great choice when purchasing the car of your dreams"

D-Town Rods & Classics pledges to assist clients interested in purchasing a Classic car. If they cannot make the trip to look at or inspect the automobile for themselves, D-Town Rods & Classics will make an appointment with the seller, to inspect the automobile, and provide a report for a fee. D-Town Rods & Classics will give an honest report of the findings, and certify the condition of the automobile for potential buyers.

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  • Verify the accuracy of the vehicle description and the vehicle owner's statements.
  • Provide support during negotiations with the vehicle owner or for estimating vehicle repair costs.
  • Follow up with the vehicle owner regarding any new concerns raised by the inspection (request additional clarification, photos, or video).
  • Get a better idea of valuation when combined with further research to make a more informed decision

Note: This D-Town Rods & Classics Inspection Report should not be considered a replacement for proper due diligence in evaluating a vehicle for purchase. As the vehicle buyer, it is your responsibility to determine whether the vehicle's condition and status are in accordance with the terms of purchase.