D-Town consultant travels to the vehicle to perform the inspection and test drive.

Same low price within 100 miles of the Detroit area.

Please note: Inspection price does not include travel time. You will receive a separate travel invoice for the amount quoted. 

Street Rod and Custom Car Inspection
You are in need of our Street Rod and Custom Car Inspection!

This inspection identifies problems found on Street Rods, Heavily Modified/Custom vehicles and Kit Cars. It covers inspection points that are critical for buyers of these types of vehicles. In addition to signs of past accident damage, rust or electrical problems our attention is focused on the quality of components used in the creation of the car or truck as well the expertise demonstrated in the build itself. We check the quality of the paint and chrome work, the engine, the interior, instrumentation and of course the underside for damage or leaks. Finally (with the sellers permission) we get every car out for a full test-drive to check the ride quality and how the vehicle performs under load.

Automotive-Classic Car & Truck Inspection
You are in need of our signature Classic Car & Truck Inspection!

This inspection identifies typical problems found on Classic Cars & Trucks. We examine correctness on original examples and the quality of the work on restored or modified ones. We look for rust, accident damage or repairs plus paint and chrome condition. On trucks, we also look for rust in the cab, lower cab corners and running boards. We check "numbers", along with the engine, interior, instrumentation and of course the underside. Finally, we like to get every vehicle out for a full test-drive! Rest assured that we will do a complete Classic Car & Truck inspection!

​Note: This D-Town Rods & Classics Inspection Report should not be considered a replacement for proper due diligence in evaluating a vehicle for purchase. As the vehicle buyer, it is your responsibility to determine whether the vehicle's condition and status are in accordance with the terms of purchase.

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Automotive-Classic Car Location Service
​​D-Town Rods & Classics will locate the specific car you have in mind 

and within your budget.

​(Minimum 1 Hour for this service)