About the owner

When representing a buyer, seller, or other client as a consultant, D-Town Rods & Classics pledges to protect and promote the interests of its client. This obligation of absolute fidelity to the client's interests is primary, but it does not relieve D-Town of its obligation to treat all parties honestly. When serving a buyer, seller, or other party in a consulting capacity, D-Town Rods &  Classics remain obligated to treat all parties honestly and fairly. Committed to representing all parties with integrity.

Who We Are

D-Town Rods & Classics owner Ron Townsend has 30 years of experience in the collector car market. Growing up in a climate of classic car enthusiasts, Ron has developed a finely honed appreciation of the auto generally, and classic and collector autos specifically.

Ron has been a Michigan resident for the past 48 years. Originally from Clinton Township, Michigan, where he grew up owning classic cars and award winning show cars.

While in high school Ron started working at a local Chevrolet dealer as a porter and worked his way up to a full time technician. After high school Ron attended Macomb Community College and focused on Auto Repair and Automotive design. Ron has been actively involved in the collector car and automobile industry both as a licensed technician, designer, classic car enthusiast and collector for the past 30 years.

Mission Statement

D-Town Rods & Classics is an automotive - classic car consulting company focused on serving the comprehensive needs of classic car enthusiast in the full range of the automotive industry. With the experience and professionalism of the owner, D-Town Rods & Classics will be able to offer a balanced quality automotive - classic car consulting service.

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